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Exceptional Gear for Exceptional People


“I know how important quality equipment is to winning.  I worked as a full-time firefighter/EMT for 10 years and have a brother and a brother-in-law who are both law enforcement officers.  Magnum Tactical Supply manufactures exceptional gear for the exceptional people who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.”

-Andrew Wall, owner

Magnum Tactical Supply first opened its doors in February of 1989 with the simple mission of providing high quality nylon gear to special operations officers. Years Later we’re still here, completing that mission every day.

Magnum Tactical Supply is a unique company in that 100% of our operations are based here in the United States, with a dedicated workforce operating in a small facility near Atlanta, Georgia.  As a small company we have the ability to make product modifications quickly and efficiently, rapidly implementing innovation into production. This dynamic ability to adapt our product to meet ever evolving needs gives our customers the advantage in whatever challenges they face. One of the ways we have accomplished this over the years is through the addition of specialized computerized equipment in our design, cutting, and sewing departments.  By using technology to our advantage we can meet the needs of agencies both small and large. Another way we at Magnum Tactical Supply provide the best is by employing the best.  We have years of research and development, engineering, design and manufacturing expertise.  Coupled with this knowledge is our real world first-hand personal experience in the fire/rescue and law enforcement fields.

Magnum Tactical Supply will always look to the future of technology.  New materials will be developed allowing us to further enhance and improve our product line.  This desire to improve assures officers will always receive the best that money can buy when they deal with Magnum Tactical Supply.  

Magnum Tactical Supply could not have gotten where we are today on our own. Our staff takes time to listen to officer’s recommendations on both current and new product ideas.  Who better to listen to than the folks who are facing challenging situations in the ever-changing law enforcement community on a day to day basis?  Input and advice from the end user on product modifications pushes us to constantly improve our product line so that all officers will benefit.

Thanks to all of our customers over the years who have made this company a real leader in the tactical industry. Your advice and support on product development has been instrumental in helping us produce the finest nylon gear available.  If you or your agency has a new product idea and would like to have it manufactured please contact our design staff for details.  Our company has met the needs of officers from across the US for many years, and will continue to offer support as we move into the future.  Past, present, or future, Magnum Tactical Supply means exceptional gear for exceptional people.